In 2015, the humble fried chicken sandwich had a moment. David Chang finally opened the much-hyped Fuku and Danny Meyer added a really good one to Shake Shack. Bleep, bleep, bleep. Fried chicken sandwiches? That sounded really fun.

Two conditions made Fowlbread happen. First, we already had good knowledge on the subject since we had been operating a fried chicken shop (Bad Bird) and a hamburger store (The Beef). Second, we observed that Manila still lacked a single quality fried chicken sandwich—we didn’t really have much of a choice aside from KFC’s (relatively okay) Zinger. Why don’t we take a crack at it?

We faced an originality challenge. While it’s not too difficult to create a delicious fried chicken sandwich, how do you craft one with a strong and distinct identity even when placed beside institutions like Fuku, or Shake Shack? Could we create one that will persist as a modern classic instead of decay in the graveyard of gimmicks?

We spent a few months developing a sandwich that still stuck to its fundamentals. However, we paid obsessive attention to the details of each component: from the fried chicken breast down to the bread & butter pickles. We then followed the same philosophy we used for Bad Bird: nuke the sandwich with concentrated umami, and let the acid from the sauce and pickles ease the flavor. We also threw in some chicken skin for fat and texture and let the ingredients sit in between two buttery, toasted, light buns. Behold, Fowlbread was born.

Now the rest of the menu is just plain weird. People always ask us why we have noodles and dumplings beside our sandwich, and we have no fucking clue. At least we have great local craft beers, and beers always make sense.

If you’re up for a chicken sandwich, local craft beer, or any of the other weird stuff on our menu, drop by and have a meal with us. See you around!

Fowlbread is a concept store from Lowbrow Casual Restaurants.